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Indie darlings, Real Estate, return to SLC tomorrow night bringing in their sun-soaked tunes to pair nicely with the weather. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be there… I may or may not be there… but what was your excuse for missing them on their first pass through town?

A Beautiful Thing

April 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

In September 2010 my grandparents passed away, one week from another. In reality, It was a beautiful thing. They couldn’t live without one another. Love.

After their passing, my mother & I packed up their belongings & put them in storage. My grandmother had a deep love for traveling, while my grandfather was an avid photographer. I remember sitting in my grandparents basement as a family & watching a slide show of their latest travels. I couldn’t believe the places they had been. The continent they visited the most was Asia. My grandmother became a collector while traveling, mostly jewelry.

Only recently my mother started going through the storage unit. This past weekend she went through the jewelry & accessories. Bellow is the backside of a necklace my grandmother picked up on one her trips to Asia. I found it simply beautiful.

Sleigh Bells… sigh… I was supposed to see them for the first time at Coachella 2010, the year the festival was dubbed Clusterf**kchella. I had been to this festival many times before but, this was the first year they decided to sell 3 day wristbands & eliminate single day tix. Long story short, it was extremely unorganized, lines to get in were endless, when we did get in on the first day, it was 7PM & we had missed sooooo many bands including Sleigh Bells. (Side note – on the final day of the fest, security locked up the parking lot we were parked in until 3:30am. Ridiculous. I’ve heard they made some serious changes after 2010 but, I haven’t been back since.)

So, after the festival Sleigh Bells were making a stop in SLC opening up for Yeasayer, I made it a point to be there, too bad the rest of SLC decided to stay home. The show was fantastic. A few months later SLC finally caught on & packed into the Urban Lounge turning it into a madhouse. A few fights broke out, maybe even within my crew as we were squeezing our way to the front. Thanks to my pal Patrick, we made it… Pasha!

Their debut album, Treats, was one of my top five albums of 2010 & I was asked to do a brief write up about it for SLUG Magazine. You can check it here.

Sleigh Bells @ Club Sound (April 2010) Photo taken by Courtney Blair