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So I Was Listening To A Podcast

Whether it’s my husband, my friend Clairice, or the other people in my life, many conversations start with, “So, I was listening to a podcast”. (I actually don’t listen to podcasts. I’m more of a radio junkie and a music listener, in fact, I am currently streaming my local community station & geeking out over Radiothon.)

The thing is… I really look forward to these discussions, It usually means the next bit of info that follows will 90% of the time be extremely fascinating! Do you listen to podcasts, if so, what are some of your favorites?

Recently, I was contacted by Lance Saunders of S&S Presents, to do some poster work. If you frequent Kilby Court or Urban Lounge, chances are you have been to a S&S event. Lance along with Will Sartain, are the two heads behind S&S AND they happen to own both venues. Yeah, they’re kind of a big deal around the SLC area. The moment I was asked to design a poster, I jumped at the opportunity. You can purchase it poster here.

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